Portuguese mortgages for non-residents


Portuguese mortgages for non-residents

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This article is a collaboration between Homevest and Reorganiza partnership.

What should non-resident citizens be aware of when purchasing a property with a mortgage in Portugal?

Portugal is one of the country’s most open to foreign buyers. Leading banks like CGD, Bankinter, UCI, Santander, Novo Banco, Banco BPI, Banco CTT, among others, offer mortgages to non-residents, accommodating various income currencies.

Eligibility for a mortgage depends on a thorough evaluation, including debt-to-income ratios, employment stability, and the source of the down payment. While the standard financing for non-resident buyers typically covers 70% of the property’s value, exceptional profiles might qualify for up to 80% financing.

Are there any specific details to consider?

Some key takeaways for your property purchase in Portugal include:

  • Preparing for a lot of paperwork required by banks to verify your mortgage repayment capacity.
  • Ensuring property valuation by a certified appraiser
  • Obtaining a Portuguese tax number (NIF) is essential for buying property and securing a mortgage as a non-resident.

What are the best Portuguese mortgages for non-residents?

The best Portuguese mortgages vary based on individual profiles and preferences.

For example, Bankinter has strong mixed and fixed interest rate offers for non-residents, with the fixed interest rate being as low as 3.6% for the entire repayment duration. If a variable rate suits you better, Novo Banco could be a good choice, offering competitive spreads below 1% on top of the Euribor 12m reference rate.

When selecting a mortgage, consider:

  • your preferences for the type of interest rate: fixed, variable or mixed
  • the inclusion of additional products like insurance or home security systems, which might be perks associated with specific mortgage packages.
  • whether you prioritize a more extended repayment period or higher loan-to-value ratio

Are there any particular regions in Portugal that are currently more popular among non-resident buyers?

We could say that Lisbon, the Algarve, and Faro attract the most foreigners, a trend we’ve also observed among our customers. Many of them are interested in purchasing holiday homes along the Portuguese coast.

How does Homevest simplify the process for international buyers to obtain a mortgage in Portugal?

We simplify the mortgage process for international buyers in Portugal by offering a comprehensive, user-friendly digital platform. The Homevest platform assists applicants in sourcing the right documents required for bank review. It makes sure all necessary paperwork is easy to find and access in one place.

By partnering with Reorganiza, we ensure your application reaches top banks for non-resident buyers and that you receive offers within a week of choosing your preferred option.

How does partnering with Reorganiza make buying a property in Portugal easier for foreigners?

We help foreigners buy property in Portugal more easily by supporting them along the way, from start to finish, until they receive the keys to their new home. Partnering with Reorganiza gives our clients access to more banks and expert advice from top mortgage and insurance brokers.

They will get better interest rates and faster service. This partnership perfectly combines our digital experience with Reorganiza’s expertise in the Portuguese property and mortgage markets, making the whole process smoother for international buyers.


Reorganiza has partnered with Homevest to simplify the mortgage process for international buyers in Portugal. Homevest offers a comprehensive, user-friendly digital platform that assists applicants in sourcing the necessary documents for bank review and ensures all required paperwork is easily accessible in one location.




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